Veteran Poetry: Her Tears

Veteran Poetry: Her Tears

Military Sexual Assault, Poetry About War, PTSD & TBI

  Her Tears

Her Tears

Were a sign

A squad of peers

Didn’t notice her decline

One night

One Action

For a devils satisfaction

Her tears

Were unanswered then

As they are now

She still worked with the animal somehow

There was no recourse for her

That night attacked by a worthless cur

A frozen soul

Helped her control

Hate and pain

That took its toll

She’s sought no retribution

Just a change in the institution

Out with the good old boys

Who treated them like delicate flowers

Or throw away toys

To save others with an ounce of prevention

And help those who were shown no intervention

Her Tears

Have stopped falling for years

She never saw her daughter grow old

Lying beneath

The earth six feet

Dark and cold

Her tears

Should have been noticed

By her Leaders and her peers



Jeremy Conway

Jeremy Conway was medically discharged from the US Army Infantry as A Sergeant First Class Retired after 12 years of service after suffering Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and PTSD. After fighting depression and suicidal tendencies, he made a vow to continue serving by reaching out to other veterans going through what he has gone through. Jeremy currently resides in Columbus Georgia with his wife of 18 years.


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