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Nia Henley is an Army wife of 10 years and mother of 4 small children, all under the age of 10. As she and her husband prepare to depart military life, Nia can’t help but wonder, how will they transition back into civilian life? Will they stumble across any problems? And her biggest concern, will her husband find employment within his field?

Just newly launched, the Department of Veterans Affairs has implemented a new 24/7 Combat Call Center. This call center will serve as support foundation for veterans and family members to not only discuss military issues, but also their adjustment back into the civilian life. Nia reports, “I think this program is just wonderful. We have already used it twice as we get ready to depart our last duty station.”

If you have any adjustment issues or perhaps a combat related problem, the call center staff is properly staffed with experienced veterans and family members who have been in the same situation. “I think the fact that they can speak to you from the heart, because they have been there makes all the difference in the world. It is almost like a boost to prepare you for what is about to come and if we have any issues after transitioning, they are still willing to help”.

As Nia and her family face the last few weeks as a military family, they have the comfort and peace of mind that they so desperately were looking for. “I am thankful for my family’s sake that we have support, I couldn’t imagine where else we would get it from”.

The Combat Call Center hotline is 877.WAR.VETS (877.927.8387).


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