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Learn how to be your own boss by starting your own business




Owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur used to be a dream for many now it is becoming a reality for many individuals. 

Many military soldiers who leave the military choose to start their own business, instead of seeking employment. Many say the reason for this is because many veterans have grown weary of working for someone else and they think they will be better off on their own. Maybe they have heard how easy it is to be a consultant and share their experience of military systems with government-contracted companies.


As with any other aspect of career planning, you should put a lot of time and thought into making the decision to go into business for yourself. Not everyone is cut out to work for themselves. While it may appear that you will have more free time as your own boss, starting a business is a more than full-time job and requires more than a full-time commitment to be successful.


Most people who run businesses will tell you that it is not a 9-5 job anymore.  It is 24/7.  When you go home, the responsibilities and the problems of your business come home with you.  Don’t get me wrong being your own boss is great because you are in charge and you do not have to answer to anyone. However, when there a problem it is not the companies problem.  It is your problem.   Everything has to run smooth and efficiently because it is your money that is invested in the company. Let us not forget too-if you have employees working for you they rely on you for a paycheck and if you are not making your profit quota than its coming out of your pocket.


I come from a family of entrepreneurs and when each of them went into their own businesses, they went in with no grays, but after a few years those grey popped up all over the place and a lot of them were in their 30’s when the grays hit them like a ton of bricks!  I don’t think it was their age I think it was the stress.


I do not want to discourage you in anyway.  It’s great having your own successful business, what I want to make clear is that’s a lot of work and you have to be willing to work hard and not give up. 

Many people are starting businesses and becoming very success.  Starting any type of business may seem overwhelming at first, but do not worry it gets easier as time goes by. 

Before you start your own business, be very clear on exactly what is involved. Talk to other entrepreneurs who own their businesses. Ask them what it is like to work for yourself, what they like and do not like about it. What are their lessons learned? What advice do they have for someone getting started? Six success factors for starting a small business are self-motivation, business and industry knowledge, organization and management capabilities, marketing skill, customer/vendor relations, and vision.


After you have done the research, asked around for advice or look up successful entrepreneurs on the web and see what they advice, how they became successful and what important advice they share to help you ease into your own business. 


First, choose the perfect type of business for you. Look at your own talents and abilities, do something you enjoy. Perhaps look for ways to improve on an existing business. There is no hard and fast rule to choosing the right business as, put simply, what works for you may not work for me and vice versa.


You are not going to see big money instantaneously right away.  It is going to take time, patience, devotion and lots of hard work. Anything less will be a complete waste of your time and will most likely result in failure. You must also realize that success is not going to happen overnight.


Here are some words of advice from the wise:


PATIENCE – This is the first step to succeeding in this business and believe me it takes practice.  You will need patience to work successfully and reach all your long-term and short-term goals. Like I mentioned before it is going to take and hard work, but the results will be outstanding!


OBSTACLES – There will be many obstacles along the way and a great deal to be learned. However, anything worth having is worth working towards and will not come easy. There will be many long stressful days and sleepless nights because you have so many ideas and worries on your mind. However, if everything falls into place, and you plan each step very carefully, the end will justify the means.


The largest obstacle you will ever encounter is fear — fear of the unknown — fear of change — fear of failing. Fear is the root of failure and prevents dreamers from living their true passion. They fail to try. So do not worry about failure.  Focus on the present and take each day one day at a time.


OUTCOME – Each step you take, you will become a little closer to achieving your dreams and reaching your goals to having a successful business.   As long as you keep trying, you will never fail.



Stacey Chillemi, is a highly versatile author, freelance writer and speaker with more a decade of experience. She is an award winning writer, motivational, inspirational, and self-help speaker. She was the managing editor for the magazine UZURI and worked for a major television network. She has been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, the New Jersey Star Ledger, and the Asbury Park Press. Her website is and


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