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Afghan officials: Talks for deal with US faltering

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Efforts to forge a deal that will govern the American military presence in Afghanistan beyond a planned U.S troop withdrawal in 2014 are faltering, current and former Afghan officials said on Monday.


Growing number of troops return to battle after suffering severe wounds

KANDAHAR AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – The sniper team was in a hurry. The sun was up and they weren’t in position yet. Staff Sgt. Donald Thompson took the lead as they passed through a gate and into an orange grove.


Military women hail progress, seek more at leadership symposium

WASHINGTON — Military women are making gains, but they are still fighting for equal access, panelists said Monday at the Sea Service Leadership Associations’ joint women’s leadership symposium.


Obama: Military Force an Option to Keep Iran From Getting Nukes

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Sunday that he would use military action to prevent Iran from securing nuclear weapons, even as he urged Israel and its supporters to refrain from “loose talk of war” and allow diplomacy and “crippling sanctions” to work.


Experts at Spouse Summit Predict Benefits Cuts

Defense budget cuts could mean big changes for military benefits, experts told a gathering of military spouses in Washington on Saturday.


2 More Americans Gunned Down in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — Gunmen, including one believed to be an Afghan soldier, killed two American troops Thursday in southern Afghanistan, just hours after the top NATO commander in the country allowed some foreign advisers to return to work at government ministries.


White House Says ‘Thank you’ to Iraq War Vets

President Barack Obama raised a glass and led a toast Wednesday night at a first-of-its-kind state dinner for troops who served in Iraq.


Experts: Training and advisory mission must go on despite Afghan violence

WASHINGTON — Among the troops Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will see Friday when visits Fort Campbell, Ky., are several hundred soldiers preparing to begin ground-level implementation of the American endgame in Afghanistan.







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