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Once-homeless Army sergeant launches effort to provide for needy

STUTTGART, Germany — Six years ago, Sgt. Joshua Evans was homeless, jobless and unable to support his wife and daughter in Long Beach, Calif. He called his car home.


US Warns Iran Against Closing Key Oil Passage

TEHRAN, Iran – The U.S. warned Iran on Wednesday it will not tolerate any disruption of traffic through the Strait of Hormuz after Iran threatened to choke off the vital Persian Gulf oil transport route if Washington imposes sanctions targeting its crude exports.


Director: Agency to get aggressive with fraud, waste in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — By most measures, the government agency charged with watching over the enormous flow of cash to U.S. reconstruction efforts here stumbled out of the gate after its creation in 2008.


US to Pay Family $17.8m for Fatal Jet Crash

SAN DIEGO — A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the U.S. government to pay $17.8 million to a family that lost four members when a Marine Corps fighter jet crashed into their San Diego home in 2008.


Book: Petraeus Almost Quit Over Afghan Drawdown

WASHINGTON — Four-star general-turned-CIA director David Petraeus almost resigned as Afghanistan war commander over President Barack Obama’s decision to quickly draw down surge forces, according to a new insider’s look at Petraeus’ 37-year Army career.


DoD: Reported Sexual Assaults Up at Service Academies

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The number of reported sexual assaults at the nation’s three major military academies rose overall in the latest academic year from one year earlier, according to a report released Tuesday by the Pentagon.


Hazing-related charges in GI’s death could be difficult to prove

WASHINGTON — A low-ranking soldier is hazed and mistreated by his fellow troops and even his leaders.


Troubled veteran found new mission in the Occupy movement

PERU, Ill. — They buried Anthony Wagner in his hometown two days before Veterans Day. It was cold, with a stinging wind that tore the last few leaves from the trees and pulled the cemetery flags into taut ribbons of red, white and blue. A lone sun ray spilled from the sky, briefly painting the grave markers with a stripe of gold before vanishing into the clouds.





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