Military Discounts

Military Discount Update

Military Discounts

As veterans and family members you are entitled to certain discounts and benefits that many are not aware of. And in many cases you are aware of them but just don’t ask. If there is one thing I have learned from being married to my husband for almost 8 years is that as the servicemember he does not ask for discounts, so therefore I have acquired yet another role…in charge of asking for discounts!

One way I have found very helpful to remember asking is by writing inside my wallet “ask for discount”. As corny as this may sound, I have received discounts in places that I would have never imagined even gave military discounts or places that don’t advertise that they do. I could say that we have saved well over hundreds a year just by asking. Is it worth it? Yes!

Depending on where you live or if you are near a military installation, many retail stores will honor military discounts – even if it is not there policy to do so. And in many cases I have noticed that even though certain places don’t offer discounts, depending on who is working and if you ask, they will honor it. So my motto is, “just ask, it doesn’t hurt!”

Some sites that offer up to date military discounts for veterans and military families are;

Military Travel Discounts

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Don’t forget to ask, you work for it and deserve it!

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