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By Angela Caban

As we approach yet another tax season, servicemembers today have many options for filing. They can use their personal accountants, visit a tax office, file through the IRS or get it done free using Military OneSource. I for one have always preferred this method, and never have come across an issue. I am in no way an accountant, and I consider numbers to be my enemy. But using this system is not only great for the pocket, but it literally is dummy proof.

Military OneSource family support program offers free, online tax preparation and filing for servicemembers and their families. This service is available to all Active Duty, National Guard, Reserve and their families.
This program has been available to military for 5 years and over 400,000 tax claims are filed using this program each year. Military OneSource has tax consultants on site in which are available to answer your questions on preparing and filing taxes.

Military OneSource’s online tax preparation and filing has become the number one way for servicemembers and families to file taxes, and a great way to save an additional fee. For more information on this service please visit

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