Fashion Campaign Addresses Women Veterans Issues

Veteran Benefits

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week promises to deliver runway after runway of fabulous couture, but is also the vehicle for a new campaign promoting veterans benefits.  Proceeds from the event will be used to provide clothing for female service members who are in need of assistance.

The campaign, known as Fatigues to Fabulous (F2F) is intended to support women veterans who have struggled with homelessness and have faced challenges affording proper clothing. The unique campaign will also support employment training and physical and psychological healthcare solutions.

Executive producer of F2F Ronnie Denn was quoted as saying, “Fashion is powerful.” He went on to explain, “It’s the zeitgeist that captures American’s attention and can influence change unlike any other medium, which is why we are launching Fatigues to Fabulous at Fashion Week. Our women veterans have made significant sacrifices for our country and face serious challenges.”

In a special segment of Fashion Week, the F2F show will feature veterans modeling collections by well-known American designers, some of which include Calvin Klein, Charlotte Ronson and Bill Blass.

Also contributing to the cause is first lady Michelle Obama.  In her effort to help female veterans battle homelessness Mrs. Obama recently assisted a crew of volunteers in North Carolina to build the Steps N Stages Jubilee House, a boarding home dedicated to female veterans who have served the nation, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.




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