Create A Successful Business Using The Skills You Learned In The Military

Making the Transition


Many veteran’s find it difficult to make the transition from active duty military to civilian life. Yet part of what’s so great about the military is that they train our soldiers in so many different areas and they train them well.  By taking advantage of the skills you’ve learned, you could control your own destiny.


Once you make the transition from military life to the civilian world you need to decide what type of career you want to focus on.  You may be wondering what types of jobs will be available to you. It’s important to realize you have a lot of options.


There is no reason to let all the training you gained in the military go to waste. 


It’s time to start asking your self some important questions. What did you enjoy the most when you were in the military?  What is your niche?  What type of career is going to interest you in the long run so that you want to get up in the morning when the alarm clock goes off?


By asking yourself these questions you could take the knowledge and training you gained from the military and use it to create a successful business that you can do from your own home.


Most successful businesses have learned to adapt to growing technology by utilizing the internet resulting in larger profits. Almost everyone has a website that people can use to purchase their services or products and help consumers become more aware of whom they are as a company. 


You could provide those services and products.


A huge mistake that new online business people make is that they sell the products or services they like best for themselves, and then try to dig up a market from a related niche and persuade them, without much success, that they too should have the same interests as them.


Now if you chose to work from home you should choose a venture based on your interests, knowledge and experience. However, make sure you have a target audience established to build from.


First, you need to research your audience, the more you know about your intended market the better. Next you’ll need to put together a website. There are many different resources for this so be sure to educate yourself and make comparisons to what is already out there.  


Make a list of all the things you could confidently create a successful online business model around. Remember to use the skills and information you already have acquired. Do not make the mistake of assuming that because you are knowledgeable about a particular subject, others are too.  Share your knowledge and your business could grow.


Take your time and be patient. It may be a lot of work but the more you research and educate yourself the more potential your business could have.



Stacey Chillemi, is a highly versatile author, freelance writer and speaker with more a decade of experience. She is an award winning writer, motivational, inspirational, and self-help speaker. She was the managing editor for the magazine UZURI and worked for a major television network. She has been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, the New Jersey Star Ledger, and the Asbury Park Press. Her website is and


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